mardi 21 août 2007



After my small personal enquiry on this UFO, I affirm that it is a real UFO. On my second photograph, the UFO is situated on the right side of ‘St Ferriol’ and has the same distance of this village. Between ’Rennes Le Château’ and ‘St Ferriol’, there is a distance of 5000 meters, the UFO has the size of fifteen to tweeter meters more than the size of a normal side of a house. With an enlargement of 200% of the first photograph, we can see something with the shape of a triangle, black of color in the middle or on the surface. On the second photograph, the same color is found on the top, the triangular shape is more visible as it is nearer in distance, which is not the same for the first photograph.
The most genuine photographs or videos are taken most of the time during the day time, because the details are better seen but chose taken during the night are not really genuine as at night it is difficult to distinguish between a UFO or some phenomenal lightning. Thus it is difficult to say whether the photographs are real or not. So, till now the most genuine photographs of UFO remain those which are taken during the day but rare are chose taken at night

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