mardi 28 août 2007



By the most mysterious chance I have taken two photographs of an UFO at Rennes le Château on the way near the Magdala Tower. At first when I have taken the photographs, the first one and somme seconds later ,the second , I didnt noticed anything. It is when I have put them insu my computer and by working on them that I have seen the UFO. I have taken the first photograph and somme seconds afterwards , the second one. But I did not noticed anything as I was much too occupied by the visit of the museum of Berenger Sauniere at Rennes Le Château . I wanted to take the photographs of each and every little corner of the surroundings and that is sure that before taking the photographs of the UFO, I was mostly interested by the sight of the green ils around in the WESTERN direction. I have taken the photographs of the hills and it is on working on the pictures by multiplying their sizes two to three size of their actual size that i saw the UFO. The explanation is simple,i did not saw anyting on my camera as it is a small numerical one of 5.1 pixels and perhaps at that time the rays of the sun was too bright,thus i did not notice the UFO. It is very sad as i could have taken more photographes of this UFO.
The first photograph was taken on Saturday the 09/06/07 at 15h13 and the second ,on the same day at 15h13 that is only somme few seconds later, in the direction of the WEST. The distance was 5 to 6 kilometers away and the UFO was approximately 20m of diameter, bigger than the size of a house.
It formed the shape of a sphere of a darker colour and on enlarging the pictures, we notice a triangular shape,black in the middle and around the UFO.

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