jeudi 9 août 2007



The mysteries of our world since man is on earth. Our life is sometimes hustled by things which comes from unusual happenings. These extraordinary things can happened to anyone among us. I’ve taken somme photographs and have classified them among the three most mysterious things of our civilisation: the first one is the UFOs, the second is the treasure of ‘Rennes le Château’ and the third is everything which has a link with spirits in haunted houses and supernatural forces. The most unusual happenings is linked with the mysteries of the UFOs and has been revealed since the apparition of man on earth . We must imagine the degree of the intelligence that is hidden behind the UFOs. Just like the only visible facet of an iceberg which we can see and the remaining part is under water , it reflects also the same idea about the UFOs. To this day, we only know that the UFOs are driven by some extraterrestrial intelligence,for some they come from 20 000 years of light while for others between 20 000 and 150 000 years of light. Thus when the calculation were made since when the UFOs visits our sonar system and its periphery it was found that our solar system with our planet earth has gone round the galaxie in about 220 000 billions of years and the earth has gone round 20 times round its orbit. The universe has 15 billions of years and the earth has been there for 4,5 billions of wear. I think that life must have started almost at the same time all round the universe but just like plants which give fruits,the live round the must have been just like the same plant. While some plants has already given their fruits which are ripe, there are others which has also given their fruits but which are not ripe yet and we are found among those which are not ripe yet.
The UFOs with an advance technology, of almost 2 millions of wear more than us, can go round a galaxy with their spaceship in only two and a half years of time. One day perhaps man will be able to do the same and perhaps more performant, as in the evolution of all the universe , the species which appeared the last must be surely more efficient than the most ancient race of extraterrestrial lives?
I am publising this article in English and French version as i lnow that our American friends are very open on the UFO subject or ‘OVNI’ in French. Thus i’ve taken two photographs of the same UFO at the same time without any idea of it! I will also make a translation of my meeting with this UFO in english-french version.

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